About Us

Who We Are

At VGN we wanted to build a brand that revolves around vegan food.  We believe that being vegan should still enable you to enjoy tasty food whenever you want.

With this in mind we can focus on products that anyone can eat, from bodybuilders to the casual food lover, and from breakfast through to dessert.  

If this feels right for you, we invite you to join us on our journey.



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About Milan

From a very young age Milan has always been active.  Up until he went to university he would play tennis on a weekly, and often daily, basis.  His passion took him to county level and he went on to captain his university team.  But due to the pressure during his later university years he had to cut down, and eventually stop playing tennis. 

He started bodybuilding towards the end of his studies as a way to remain active and stay healthy and has maintained this passion ever since.  However the working lifestyle meant he could not always train on a consistent basis, and there were long periods of sustained injury after trying to regain strength too quickly.

In December of 2017 things took a turn when he suddenly became gravely ill and was diagnosed with diabetes.  Whilst spending a week in hospital he became aware of what could transpire if he continued to live his life as he had been doing.  This opened his eyes to the limitations of his current ways and began researching intensively into better, healthier alternatives.

Whilst shopping around in the supermarkets he realised that there were very limited vegan food options.  He decided to start VGN as a way to bring to market the types of foods he loves (he has a big sweet tooth!) so that others can also enjoy them too.